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Wanna help out and get pretty things?

Hey guys!

So do you remember the custom Snowdrop that showed up yesterday? This one? (which she’s still selling here by the way, you should snag that up pronto)


She’s trying to get to Bronycon, to see her boyfriend LaserPon3 (you know, the guy that makes those awesome light shows?) They’ve been together for months and haven’t yet gotten to be with each other personally, since they live so far apart (a struggle I know myself.) So she’s trying to raise the funds to see him. She’s offering some *awesome* rewards too. Really she’s asking for less than she actually needs, so I want her to get more than her max.

Which is where you guys come in. Please, if you have anything to spare, consider helping two fantastic, generous, kind people make it to a weekend together. I know this community can raise this money for her easily. And with rewards like art and custom ponies, how could you say no?!

The link to her indiegogo is here: Please, if you have a few dollars to spare, consider helping them out!!

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