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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


So a few days ago we were challenged by another animation studio to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge. We were given a day to see it and a week to make an animation response. We just now found out about it, so the response is a bit delayed.

Now we do support the cause, but we’re not going to create an animation for a few reasons. One, only a week to make an animation with many of our members now back in college is very difficult, especially while we’re in the thick of developing another project. A week deadline is fairly tight as it is, and even if we wanted to participate in-person instead, we’re too spread out across the world for that to even be possible.

Two, we largely feel that the cause of the challenge is turning more into an attention-grabbing trend rather than a charity drive. Many videos now don’t even mention what ALS is. There’s even a new rising (and dangerous) fad called the ‘boiling water challenge’ that has no relation to the ALS charity drive.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It’s a neurodegenerative disease that gradually affects the brain and spinal cord and is always fatal, causing motor ability loss as the nerves get thinner and weaker. It only affects a small portion of the population, which, while that is a good thing, is also why the ALS foundation doesn’t receive much money for research and treatment, despite how destructive and tragic it is.

There have also been unfortunate rumors that the foundation only uses maybe a quarter of the money. This isn’t true. The ALS Association has received a 4/4 star rating from Charity Navigator for transparency and financial management. While it is true that not all the money is put towards research, it is because a lot is spent on treatment, such as helping those afflicted by providing them bed creams, wheelchairs, ramps, etc., things that are just as important and help deal with symptoms and improve quality of life.

The original purpose of the ice bucket challenge was to give the shock of numbness that’s associated with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We feel that much of this association has been lost and isn’t even possible to reflect through an animation. At this point as well, doing the challenge isn’t going to change the charity’s exposure. We feel that at this point donating and discussion has an overall stronger impact than more viral videos.

Those of our members who are able to have each donated between $10 to $50, or at the very least plan to. Please consider donating yourself, not only to help find a cure but to assist in the treatment of those already afflicted.

I wish my friends and I actually lived together so we could wake up and make some of those insane dessert/breakfast pancake/ten cheese appetizers you find recipes for on tumblr and imgur and pintrest, and have a big pajama party all day long. And then not feel lonely anymore.

And my boyfriend, I’d like him to come too. A lot.

But he lives in Australia.

And my friends live in Canada.

Or the states but about fifteen states away.

Or they’re still in school.

…I gotta make oreo cookie dough brownies all by myself, don’t I?

Great, I’m gonna get fat now, thanks long distance relationships.

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